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Lambda Kappa Mu Kopelles

National Youth Program

Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority extends its interest in youths through its National Youth Program. A national youth group, known as the Kopelles, was organized in 1962 by Dr. Catherine Cowell to represent the program. The program focuses on building leadership skills in young women for the future by promoting good citizenship, guidance, cultural enlightenment, and academic achievement. Each chapter is encouraged to sponsor a group of teenaged girls to ensure that they are prepared to be productive members of society.

The program is steered by the National Youth Committee under the direction of the National Youth Coordinator. The committee meets three times a year. The Kopelles hold an annual National Youth Retreat with the assistance of the Kopelle Chapter Coordinators, the National Youth Coordinator, and the National Kopelle Officers.


The Kopelles aim to provide diverse opportunities for teenaged girls by supporting each other through dedication, commitment, service, and loyalty to their communities. These tenets are to serve as support systems in order to achieve academic excellence, unity of spirit, moral dignity, and lasting friendships.

LKM Kopelles